I am interested in making paintings that get to an inner hovering—that accommodate a fleeting glimpse of the ungraspable. In spite of all the technologies created to connect us, the unshakable thing is that we continuously have to come to terms with relating to our fundamental selves. Standing in the realm beyond words, the nuanced language of painting has the potential to reference this inner hovering. My paintings are about dissolving form so that it's held at the threshold of two worlds—abstract and figurative. They are about unveiling something stripped down—similar to how we bare down to a pure state and linger at a standstill between knowing and not knowing our nature. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described this experience as when, "the world appears as the pure distance between the self and the self." I want the paintings to understand our striving, time and time again, to process this encounter. I want them to chase the unseen.