“Those who are moved feel, as Tolstoi says, that what the work expresses is as if it were something one had oneself been longing to express.”
-John Dewey, Art as Experience

“For the uniquely distinguishing feature of esthetic experience is exactly the fact that no such distinction of self and object exists in it, since it is esthetic in the degree in which organism and environment cooperate to institute an experience in which the two are so fully integrated that each disappears.”
-John Dewey, Art as Experience

"Whatever places itself into and thereby enacts its limit, and thus stands, has form, morphe. The essence of form, as understood by the Greeks, comes from the emergent placing-itself-forth-into-the-limit."
-Martin Heidegger, Introduction to Metaphysics

"A deeper and more extensive inner movement creates, maintains, and ultimately dissolves structure."
-David Bohm, On Creativity

"There are moments of silent depth in which you look on the world-order fully present. Then in its very flight the note will be heard; but the ordered world is its indistinguishable score. These moments are immortal, and most transitory of all; no content may be secured from them, but their power invades creation and the knowledge of man, beams of their power stream into the ordered world and dissolve it again and again."
-Martin Buber, I and Thou